About Us

Hello Hemmingbyrd's! My name is Afi Hemmings, The owner of CustomTreatz. I am originally from Bronx, New York now residing in Toledo, Ohio for the last 22 years. I have loved crafting since I was child creating centerpieces and other decor with my mother for church events and personal request. I started with custom cellphone cases and resin jewelry in 2011 because I could not find jewelry to fit me ( 289 pounds then) or cellphone cases that liked. So I decided to create my own. From 2018 -2020, I pushed through first stage breast cancer, 2 back surgeries & double knee replacement. I am my own walking miracle. I thank God for my energy of positivity that I speak into existence everyday. My pain has fueled my work and brings me peace. So now I make jewelry, home decor, rugs, drinkware , my own T-shirt brand Drip Apparel, seasonal items and much more.

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook & Tik-Tok under the name Customtreatz. Contact me for questions, Thank you and be blessed.